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intrinsic alchemy

When you book your initial Intrinsic Alchemy session, you will receive an intake form in your email that includes a questionnaire in addition to the standard release forms. This questionnaire will help you determine your goal for the service if you are otherwise unsure. This might include what area in your life might need healing, where in life you might be experiencing growing pains, or which energies need to shift so you can create space for a healthier, happier, authentic version of yourself, for example. We will design this unique service around whatever you are comfortable bringing into the session. I will meet you wherever you are on your journey.  ​Please reach out with any questions or concerns about this service that you may have.

You can read more about Reiki and Reiki treatments here.

Initial Session

​At the start of your scheduled appointment, your session will begin by discussing the items you've marked on the questionnaire and how they might affect your well-being. Once we have established your goals, I will perform a byosen scan. This technique comes from Reiki and detects imbalances or disturbances in your energetic body. After the scan is complete, your Reiki treatment will begin. ​ After the conclusion of your Reiki treatment, I make sure you're feeling well and grounded, give you a minute to sip tea or water, and we continue with a tarot consultation.  Typically we will use the tarot at this time to explore anything that came up for you during your Reiki session. Sometimes people will have emotions bubble up to the surface or thoughts they might wish to explore further. We can also look to the cards to examine the possible causes of the imbalances that scanning uncovered or any of the items you've indicated on the intake questionnaire. They are also valuable tools for exploring options and outcomes, planning your next steps, deciding what might be the best direction to go as you continue on your healing or transformative journey, and so forth. It is entirely up to you how we use the cards, though I may provide my own suggestions. ​ Finally, once we have concluded our look at the tarot and determined your best path forward, we will look at your natal chart together. Your natal chart (or birth chart) is a snapshot of the sky, like a picture taken the moment you were born; it is the placement of the sun and moon, the planets, the zodiac, and other specific cosmic bodies, and how their placements relate to each other. Our natal charts offer an immense amount of information about each of us. However, to help with your growth and transformation, we will focus primarily on discovering one thing: which of your innate strengths you tap into to navigate any challenges you might experience going forward. ​ This service can seem like a lot and take quite a while, but it is designed to dig deep within to explore any challenges that might be holding you back in life and then lay the groundwork for personal growth and healing. Beginning with Reiki ensures that universal spiritual wisdom guides us in this service. I follow this guidance and facilitate using the tools I have studied over the years. This is all done to support you, but ultimately the work comes from within you using the gifts you have had your entire life. ​ *   *   * ​ Please note: because this service books out most of my day (a substantial amount of work needs to be done before you even arrive for the session), no refunds are given if you need to cancel. I know life happens, and I will do my best to help you reschedule if something comes up, but there are no guarantees that there will be an opening when you need it. So please keep this in mind and schedule your service only when you are completely certain the timeslot you book will work for you.

3 hours & 33 minutes


Follow-up Session

After your initial Intrinsic Alchemy session, this service is intended to allow us to reconnect in whatever way you might need, in order to have any follow-up, support, or accountability sessions. Some people may require none of this, but others may. Scheduling and pricing vary, but we will have already discussed this.

Duration and price will vary.
(This will be discussed during your initial session.)

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