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E-mail Tarot Consultation

An email reading provides flexibility in scheduling, price, and availability that can't be matched by an in-person reading. Not only will you receive a PDF copy of your reading (the average length is 1-3 pages per card pulled) that includes high-resolution, full-color pictures of each of the cards, but any follow-up conversation is encouraged should you have any questions about the reading or need any clarification. Essentially, you'll have me on retainer for a window of time after your reading, unlike in-person readings that typically end when you leave the table.


Typically an email reading will cost between $20.00 - $90.00, depending on the estimated length of the reading being requested. If more cards end up being pulled during the reading the price will not change from what we agreed upon beforehand.

As with my in-person tarot consultations, I will not read again on the same subject any sooner than six months, unless we are directly following up a previous reading.

Price varies.

Distance Reiki Treatment

A full reiki treatment, no matter where, no matter when. We will discuss your needs and come up with a treatment based on what you'd like it to accomplish. As this varies from person to person, the price of the treatment varies but will be agreed upon beforehand.

Price varies.

Join Collective Reiki Treatment

If you or someone you know would like to be added to my ongoing collective distance reiki treatment please contact me. There is no charge for this service.

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