Free reading Fridays

Starting this week, you can send me questions (email me, use the contact form here, or on Instagram), and I will randomly choose one to answer each Friday! Whoever is chosen will also receive a 15% off coupon for any product or service offered on my website.

The answer or response to your question will be posted publicly here and on Instagram, although your identity will be kept confidential. This isn't an opportunity to go way down the rabbit hole, but if you're facing a tough decision or need a little advice, go ahead and slip into my DMs. We can take a peek at what's going on.

How I approach the question depends on the content and how I feel that day. Honestly, this is also to have a little fun using methods I don't get to use as often--think charm casting, lithomancy, tasseomancy, or even just a tarot deck I don't typically use. You just don't know what you'll get!

I don't generally like the "is my ex coming back" variety of inquiries, but if it's chosen, I'm happy to check it out. Questions also don't always have to come from Serious Sally. For instance, at the Masters of Tarot conference I recently attended, I posed the question during a workshop, "how can I make the world's best hotdog?" for us to read on--with surprisingly great results! (A little irreverence can help us get out of our comfort zones, but that's another topic.)

And fear not! If your query isn't selected that week, I will keep it in the queue; one week, it may just show up.

So hit me up! Let's have a little fun and maybe make a little magic while we're at it.

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