FRR: A look at a new relationship

There is so much juicy content in this week's spread! I honestly geeked out and was giddy seeing this come together for this week's querent. If you didn't see the reel on Instagram, this week's submission wasn't a question, per se, but it came from someone entering a new romantic relationship who wanted a general overview of what she could expect.

I used the Smith Rider Waite tarot tiles created by the talented Jamie Sawyer (who I just so happened to have the pleasure of meeting at last month's Master's of Tarot conference at the Omega Institute). If you have never taken a look, you should check out Jamie's website. Jamie has created several unique and creative divination tools. (This is not an ad for Jamie's stuff, I get no kickbacks or anything! It's just cool stuff.)

But back to this week's entry!

As a reminder, the person who submitted the question receives the entire reading (along with the 15% off coupon). Here on my website, I am essentially writing up the TL;DR version (and very quickly because I'm at the lake with my family now and have other things to do!). This blog post is primarily for anyone curious about the process or learning to read tarot themselves and might benefit from seeing a brief example. As always, everyone is welcome to reach out if they have questions or comments.

The heart of this spread addresses the nature of the relationship between these two individuals. Often this will reveal the nature of a karmic relationship specifically, if it is one.

Karmic relationships are a bit of a dual-edged sword. They are excellent catalysts for growth since we enter into them to learn karmic lessons, which also means they tend to be challenging. Karmic relationships aren't generally romantic (or we should hope they're not) and aren't usually long-term. In other words, if this card (or tile as the case is here) turns over a strong indicator of a karmic relationship, that would not be ideal since we are looking for romance. However, it would be no less important.

With the World tile in the center, there's a strong indication that this isn't a karmic relationship. Instead, this is a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship. One that is going to introduce the next chapter of this person's life. This card is filled with symbolism that the full reading goes into, but here, we'll just leave it at that. It's a good tile to have here, to say the least.

The tiles around the World have so many striking parallels to them. When cards (tiles) show up like this I am always reminded why I love the tarot so much. If you're a reader, you know what I mean. Without going too far into detail (again, reserved for the full reading), the surrounding tiles show us what each person feels about the relationship, what they'll give to the relationship, what they'll learn from each other, and where it is headed.

The Four of Swords represents the querent's true feelings, and the King of Pentacles represents the love interest's. The querent has a sense of burnout and has withdrawn into her inner world. After a lot of dating and a lot of disappointment, she's laying low. She hasn't given up on love—she's just been holding out for the right one and has decided to prioritize her mental health. There's a sense of coldness, like there hasn't been a lasting spark with the previous partners. On paper, they looked good and had great things to offer, but things would just fall flat each time.

This love interest wants to be a family man. He's a practical, down-to-earth guy, and although he isn't one to become infatuated or fall in love at first sight, he is the type that knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to make a move to get it. He doesn't outright offer the things that seemed so attractive about the previous men, but he has many of the same qualities. He doesn't have anything to prove, so he doesn't show them off as readily. He might not have even been expecting to come across a woman he would be interested in when he met our querent.

Ultimately, what he wants is something pretty traditional; once he has it, it will be his world. The Four of Wands next to him snuck its way into the reading, and here it further emphasizes his wants: he's looking for a lasting relationship, and he wants to settle down and get married. And he wants children.

The Ace of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands clearly show the gifts they will offer each other. He's going to offer the passion she's been missing out on (with that phallic Ace of Wands, no less), and she's going to offer up a baby! I love that the imagery is so spot-on that it's even two hands holding out gifts to the other. Sometimes the tarot simply beats us over the head with the message.

In the Justice tile, we see what these two are supposed to learn from each other. Marriage is again highlighted here, as the Justice card in relationship readings can often indicate precisely that. And marriage is a lifelong (ideally) lesson. At its highs, its lows, and--especially--in the mundane day-to-day middle of those two extremes, marriage is an endless source of wisdom to be gained.

And finally, where the relationship is headed: the High Priestess. They're headed for deeper waters. They'll have the opportunity to explore emotional depths that they didn't even know they had. They learn what partnership truly means and how by seeing their reflection in someone else, they can learn more about themselves, not just the other person. It's a calm yet passionate card.

Interestingly, this is the only water we see in the spread. So the relationship will start with that spark (actually, it might be more like wildfire). But as that fire dies down, as all fires do, and things grow quiet, these two will move beyond the veil shown in the High Priestess card and out into that vast unexplored area behind her. They'll realize this relationship is something extraordinary and something that each of them will honor.

There is so much more here. But that's the nutshell version. Looking at the colors, the parallels between the Aces, the pillars of Justice, and the High Priestess (and the Four Wands), the figure laying in wait above the solitary sword but animated when given the gift of the passionate wand… I could go on and on here!

But to get all the really cool details, you need to have your submission chosen. And to get your submission chosen… you guessed it--you have to submit something! As of now, I don't have many to choose from next week, so your chances are pretty good if you send me a question before next Friday.

Until then, thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week with the latest entry of Free Reading Friday!

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