Full Moon in Aquarius

The moon reflects the sun’s light, which is the key to its purpose in our lives. Full moons are a time for reflection. If the sun shines the light that illuminates our purpose, motive, and core personality, the moon holds up a mirror to these things during the quiet moments of the night.

The moon reminds us to pause and consider what these things truly mean to us, how they show up in our lives, or how we act them out. Sometimes we like what we see and can go blazing forward into the dawn of a new day. However, sometimes if we allow ourselves to look closely at the mirror, we might notice some things we aren’t incredibly thrilled about. During these times, we can lean into the moon’s gentle energy when we feel we might need to do any course correcting or transformation.

Check-in with yourself today. How are you living your life? How are your dreams and goals? How are your relationships? The emotional nature of the moon lends itself well to reflect on these questions. Look at the answers you come up with through the lens of this full moon.

In the sign of Aquarius, this moon takes on a particular nuance and becomes colored with the aquarian themes of connection, community, change, and creating a vision of the future. Take this opportunity while everything is illuminated to look at who is around you. Do they support you and your goals? Do you support theirs? Are you fully engaged in your community? If not, how could you be? Or, if you are, how could you help others to be?

Indeed, you want to acknowledge your progress in these areas; celebrate the victories—yours and those around you who have experienced success! But don’t forget to look at what might not have worked out as planned or what is not turning out how you thought it would. Now is the time you want to make changes in your trajectory.

To do that, you’re going to want to tweak your plan. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, use the updated version as your roadmap to manifest the future you would like to live in. Unfortunately, deciding on what needs adjusting is often the most challenging part.

In this instance, don’t try to logic your way through what isn’t working. Feel your way through. Listen to your emotional voice, even if it is just a tiny whisper. Emotions are said to be the language of manifestation. In other words, what we feel we create more of in our lives.

Emotions may not be what is often discussed in terms of aquarian themes, but as the most intuitive of the air signs, they aren’t all reason and logic. If everything is balanced, emotion and intuition can often be found in the same area—the gut. Perhaps intuition is emotion in action. And when we’re in balance, we can often easily intuit what it is we need or want so that we might go out and make it happen.

Now, you’ll have to bear with me for this part. I don’t want to chase the rabbit too far down the hole, but I think it is essential not only to look at the tools we have at our disposal when doing this kind of work but also to make sure they’re in good condition and will help us get the job done rather than making the job more difficult.

Creation begins at Sahasrara (the crown chakra) and comes down along the “current of manifestation” to Muladhara (the root chakra), where the abstract becomes real. At the same time, we have an energy current running in the opposite direction, the “current of liberation.” One is the pull of the body and soul down into the material world; the other is the pull of the mind and spirit up into the universal realms of abstraction. If we are to create, we must allow the energy to flow down, but it must also be met with energy flowing up, or it can overwhelm us, throwing our entire system off balance.

The upward current begins at the root, where we ground ourselves. If this chakra is balanced and well-grounded, we can stand in our power, and the flow can continue unimpeded upward. As this current continues its ascension, it passes through Svadhistana (the sacral chakra), where our emotions originate. Our desires and needs come from this place. (Coincidentally—or not—our root chakra is related to Aquarius, and our sacral chakra is associated with the moon.)

However, creation is not passive. It requires us to do something. To act.

All action originates from Manipura (the solar plexus chakra). This is where the downward and upward flow converge to incite action.

More could definitely be said about ensuring the downward current is allowed to flow freely. However, with the full moon in Aquarius, I think we are being asked to consider these two chakras specifically when we pause to reflect. If we plan to make real the life we dream of, as a part of a community we can call our own, we need to know where we stand and how we feel about what we want.

So find time during this full moon to quickly check in with your root and sacral chakras. How is your health? How are you feeling? Do you feel supported? Do you feel deserving?

Some signs that these centers need some attention might include feeling restless or disconnected. You may feel a little rigid or maybe somewhat obsessive. Issues in these areas could manifest physically as illness (especially in the GI tract if located in the root chakra or the reproductive organs if located in the sacral chakra). Have you noticed that your diet seems out of whack, or have you noticed a loss of appetite (not only for food but anything you enjoy or desire)? You may even want to quickly search online to see how these imbalances can affect you (just be mindful not to read into things that aren’t there, à la WebMD).

You might find it challenging to do any manifestation work if these two chakras are imbalanced. If you try to build anything on this unstable foundation, you may find that what you end up with has nothing to do with what you truly need, want, or even care to have.

If you feel this is the case, incorporate this full moon and its aquarian themes into balancing your root and sacral chakras. Reconnecting with your body, physical activity, and touch is an excellent way to begin to heal your root chakra. Movement and emotional release are great for sacral chakra work.

Where are some places in your community, or with groups of others, might you be able to find these? Maybe you can find a sport to join, or a club to dance at. Perhaps there is a massage therapist in your community. As this moon falls on a Thursday, you may even choose to incorporate some Jovian themes. Make it big! Make it fun! Expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone. An abundance mindset and gratitude are both in Jupiter’s domain, and both are excellent to include in any manifestation work.

Look around you during this period of illumination. Examine yourself, be honest about what you need and where you can fit into the world around you to feel supported. Remind yourself that it is safe to be where you are and that you deserve pleasure in your life.*

On the other hand, if you feel like you’re in reasonably good health, safe, secure, emotionally stable, and so on, then it’s likely that your first two chakras are relatively well-balanced. If this is the case, you’re in an excellent place to start the act of creation.

Tune into your emotions and put your needs and desires into action.

*If you are genuinely not safe, in immediate danger, or are being physically harmed, disregard this entire post. You need a safe and secure foundation first and foremost. Find a way to get out of where you are, even if it is difficult. Without basic safety, your root will never be able to support you. You have the right to be here, to be safe, and to have your life. Don’t let anyone take that right from you.