New Moon in Virgo: Let go and create space.

This new moon presents the perfect opportunity for releasing attachments, freeing up that energy to direct to more important, healthier places. This can be a powerful time to create healthy new habits. But keep it flexible and keep it simple! Ask yourself what you want your daily life to look like, and then consider what changes you need to make in order to live that life.

Your heart, third eye, and crown chakras are excellent for supporting this journaling and mediation exercise that can help you create these changes.

Begin by sitting quietly and taking deep breaths. After you settle in, raise your arms to heart level and extend them out in front of you on the exhale. As you inhale, pull them back in, as though gathering energy, and end the inhale with your hands over your heart. Repeat this gathering motion until you feel ready to move on.

When you’re ready, imagine that energy flowing through you, supporting the rest of your chakra system. Focus on your third eye and crown chakras specifically activating with this influx of energy, attention, and intention.

Ask your Self what attachments you have that need to be released. Where are you directing energy that doesn’t serve you any longer? Where are you directing energy that you might be using to stay comfortable, or to protect yourself from discomfort? Go with whatever comes to mind first, listing as many as you feel the need to.

Turn to your journal and write down exactly what it is you’re attached to, why you are attached, what about it you’re drawn to, what is difficult to let go of, etc. Then write down how you think these things you don’t want to let go of benefit you. What part of you needs these things? Imagine, what would happen if you were to simply let go of any of the attachments. Be open and allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Feel the pain you have over losing it. What does your inner witness notice when you feel these things?

Allow your inner witness to hear you tell the story of what this attachment means to you, and allow the witness to assess the accuracy of your beliefs as it sorts out truth from feelings.

When you’re ready, write this truth next to each thing. Make a list of what these attachments are costing you. How much energy do you use on them? Where else might that energy be used if you had it freed up?

Imagine them freed up.

Why might separation from these attachments be for your highest good and best Self? What might the meaning be? Perhaps it’s to heal an old wound, to show you guidance in a new direction your life should take, be open to whatever the answer. Then consider how you might apply the lesson to your life right now.

When you are finished writing, drop back into your meditation. Let yourself feel everything positive that you’ve felt because of this attachment. Sit with it for a minute so you will easily be able to remember and recall this feeling.

Thank the attachment for the lessons it has taught you, the good it has served for the purpose it held at the time, and visualize it slowly moving away from you, becoming a completely separate thing from you. As you move it away, notice the energetic cords connecting the two of you. Remove them, like hooks, from the attachment.

Pull the energy back in.

Now imagine all the places you might be able to expend this reclaimed energy. Maybe it is with your family, a healthy new habit, your work. Whatever you’re being directed to visualize as for your highest good. Allow the cords of energy to connect to these things.

Recall that feeling you sat with earlier when contemplating all the good that you felt from the previous attachment. Bring that feeling back and feel it for these things that now fill the space you created for them by removing your attachment. Soak up that feeling, letting it fill you, and come out of your meditation.

Journal any thoughts or feelings that arise.