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Intrinsic Alchemy

Combines reiki, tarot, and astrology in a truly personalized approach.

about this service

An intrinsic alchemy session begins with discussing any of the items brought up on the intake form and how they might be affecting your wellbeing, a full reiki treatment, pulling tarot cards to explore the work that could be done to assist you and your healing, and looking at your natal chart to devise and tailor a path forward using your own personal strengths. I facilitate using the tools I have studied over the years, but the work comes from within you. A truly unique service that is fully designed around whatever you are comfortable bringing into the session. I meet you wherever you are on your journey. Please note: because this service books out most of my day (and requires a substantial amount of work to be done before you even arrive for the session) no refunds will be given if you need to cancel. I know life happens, and I will do my best to help you reschedule if something comes up, but there are no guarantees that there will be an opening when you need it. Keeping this in mind, please be sure to schedule only when you are certain the time you book will work for you.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me within 2 business days.

Contact Details

  • 27 Forest Creek Drive, Durham, NC, USA


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